Homily for the Feast of Corpus Christi (Kieran Cronin OFM)

Irish people are proud of their traditional image of being an hospitable, welcoming nation. Céad Míle Fáilte, a hundred thousand welcomes, is a familiar greeting for our foreign visitors! I imagine that this reputation, handed down from generation to generation, was...

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Homily for Pentecost (Kieran Cronin, OFM)

The Holy Spirit is probably the hardest person of the Blessed Trinity to envisage. Father and Son are more familiar images and more easily relatable to than a dove or fire, or wisdom. Granted, there are other more personal images used in the Gospels, such as a...

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Homily for 6th Sunday of Easter (Kieran Cronin OFM)

During his last supper with his disciples, Jesus is concerned about what will happen to them when he leaves. As one theologian put it, “Jesus had the unmitigated gall to leave his friends, not once, but twice – first on Calvary and then when he ascended to his...

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