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The Franciscan Abbey in Multyfarnham was founded in 1268 and continues to be an active centre of Franciscan mission in Ireland.  The only Franciscan Abbey in Ireland still standing on the footprint of its original foundation, the Franciscan fraternity continues its commitment of service from this special place.

St Patrick’s Day

We wish to advise that our Mass on St Patrick’s Day will be at 10:30am.  As usual, you can participate via our webcam service if you are unable to be here in person with us.

Change to our Mass Schedule on Saturday

Please note that 9:00am Mass on Saturday, March 18 HAS BEEN CANCELLED.

No other Masses are affected.  On Saturday, March 18, we will have the usual 7:00pm Vigil Mass for Sunday.

We aplogise for any inconvience.


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From the desk of Fr Kieran OFM

On being salt of the earth; light to the world

On the fifth Sunday of Year A, Kieran connects last Sunday’s Gospel, the Sermon on the Mount (Mt 5:1-12), with this week’s Gospel (Mt 5:13-16), which opens with Jesus telling his disciples that they, “are the salt of the earth.” As Kieran points out, Jesus did not say that they “must become” but that they are! What an amazing message to hear – a compliment for sure, and in his homily, Kieran points out that this is “the natural state of the baptised person.” Affirming and all as this is, and as we read the words of Jesus more deeply, isn’t it really about how we are, or are meant to be, as a community? We aren’t meant to act alone; one example is that The Franciscans base their apostolate on life in fraternity. They go out as brothers to the world, not as loners! So maybe Kieran is challenging us to truly live up to that affirmation that we are the salt of the earth, light to the world.

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Homily for 4th Sunday of Ordinary Time: Christian Ethics and the Beatitudes

In Fr Kieran’s homily for the fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time, he looks at the Sermon on the Mount, the eight beatitudes or blessings. We might benefit from a short introduction to the Catholic tradition of reflection on what it means to live a good life as a follower of Jesus. In other words, a peek at moral theology down through the years!

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“Who do people say that I am?” – a model for all priests?

In these days, we listen at Mass to the words from the Letter to the Hebrews and in this, we hear of the idea of Christ as the High Priest, dying on the Cross. It takes time for the early Christians to think of Our Lord as a priest. When Jesus asks, “Who do people say I am?” the answer centres on his being like a prophet, not a priest. Fr Kieran ponders on the significance of this image in the Church of today.

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The Rebellion of 1641, the Friary, its people and lands

Our historian, Paschal Sweeney, offers another fascinating insight into the history of the friary and the friars here at Multyfarnham. In this piece, Paschal looks at the years in and around 1641, a time when the friary would seem to have been at the centre of so much that was going on and a centre of Franciscan influence in Ireland.

Brother Mícheál Ó’Cléirigh OFM at Multyfarnham Friary (1590-1643)

Paschal tells us about the great Brother Mícheál Ó’Cléirigh OFM and the famous Annals of the Four Masters

Respite and Revival at Multyfarnham

Read here the latest part of the historical story of the Multyfarnham Friary, whose history dates back to 1268.

The Flight of the Earls and Multyfarnham Friary

In September 1607 Bishop Brady died in Multyfarnham Friary. In accordance with his own wishes his body was laid to rest in the cloister, the burial place of the friars, and immediately under the door that led to into the church. The exact location of his grave, like...

The Friars Return (Following the October 1601 raid and plunder by Sir Francis Shane)

Before the end of the year 1601, the friars returned to their ancient home, now a gaunt ruin. Desolation had fallen upon the Friary of Multyfarnham. Without roof, doors, or windows, silent and lonely the wind swept through, and rain soaked the charred limestone walls....