Open Space | Thursday April 21 at 8:00pm

Every one of us has walked somewhere! Perhaps, like the Cork-born author, Alice Taylor, in her book: “To school, through the fields” your most memorable walking was in your childhood. Or maybe there were other walks you’ve done (or continue to do) that mean a lot.

Is it the people with whom you walk, or those you meet? Is it the places and the scenery? Or maybe it is a pilgrim walk, where you take time to reflect on life.

Our next Open Space Gathering is on Thursday, April 18 and all are welcome. Our topic: “Walks, and walking.

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Keeping Up Appearances

Jesus is Risen! Alleluia!!

We are in the Octave of Easter (this week, every day is preceded by the word, “Easter” and so we have, Easter Monday, Easter Tuesday, etc.) with the day of resurrection of Jesus still so near. Fr Kieran reflects on the various appearances of Jesus in the immediate time that followed.

In his reflection, Kieran uses the word, “impatience” seven times! At first, this might seem like ascribing human feelings and emotions to the divine God that is the resurrected Jesus. Of course, Jesus became flesh at His birth and during his lifetime, he experienced the same emotions and feelings as all humans do, even to crying (John 11:35). But on his death on the Cross, and resurrection on Easter morning, he returned fully divine and so, the human experience of impatience might seem out of place.

However, Kieran gives us the perspective of a Jesus who wants so much for us to know and feel how much He loves us, not leaving us orphans but instead, going before us to be with His Father in Heaven where He wants all of us to join with him eternally.

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The arrival of Oliver Cromwell in Ireland -1649

In his latest instalment of the history of Multyfarnham Friary, our historian, Paschal Sweeney, chronicles the events happening here during the time of Cromwell’s time in Ireland, a sad a terrible time for Ireland and for the Franciscans at Multyfarnham.

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Participating online via our webcam

We invite you to join us via our webcam for all of our services here in the Friary church.  These include our weekday Mass with the Franciscan Community, Sunday Mass (and Vigil Mass on Saturday evening) and our very popular Novena Mass to St Anthony, which is...

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