Prayer of Spiritual Communion

Lord Jesus you remind us today how your Father rewards those who do good things in secret. Well, those who watch Mass in their own homes so that no one even sees them entering church and approaching the priest to receive communion must be doubly blessed!

There is no parading one’s devotion, no seeking the admiration of others, no hypocrisy at all. There is just you and me Lord, with our secret love, which is such a comfort when alone and feeling low. I don’t have to act holy, wear my best clothes, or even comb my hair, because I know you accept me as I am, your unique and original creation, a favourite son or daughter, constantly basking in the light of your loving gaze.

You encourage me to be just myself in the theatre of my soul, where you are my constant appreciative audience, always applauding my performance. “Bravo,” you say, “Encore, do it again!