Latest book from John O’Brien OFM – a review

There is often a sense of astonishment when reading a new work from the ever-busy pen of John O’Brien OFM. One is tempted to ask, as the Lord’s Nazareth neighbours did: “Where did the man get all these ideas?” (Mk 6:3).

His eclectic imagination and great gift for marrying so many diverse elements of contemporary culture, literatures, and spirituality with Scripture and the saints usually leads to a publication which is best digested slowly and economically as it is so rich in content.

On this occasion, John turns in great part to the writings of T. S. Eliot, and his poetic journey from “The Waste Land” to “The Four Quartets,” meditating on the themes they inspire.

At the heart of The Darkness Shall be the Light is comfort and reassurance that in the face of one of the greatest human diseases, viz. loneliness, we can yet encounter God and find new life in Him.

Hope-filled pages for a hope-starved era.

(John’s book can be obtained online from Amazon  by clicking on this LINK.)