In gratitude – 28th Sunday of the year (October 9, 2022)

Lord, I have heard it said that you have two homes, one in heaven and the other in the grateful heart.

As I welcome you spiritually into my soul in this Mass, which itself is the great sacrament of gratitude and thanksgiving for your saving love on the cross and your victory over death in the resurrection, heal my forgetfulness of your enduring gifts of life, health and especially the love of family, friends and the Christian community.

Remind me not to put off thanking you and the people you work through when I receive good things. May “thank you” be among my favourite and most used words in the coming week and always, for my heart just aches to be your permanent home.

Thank you Jesus, and thank your Father and Spirit for me too.

(Read also the Gospel of the 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time Luke 17:11-19)