A Nine to Five person

Lord, I am a nine to five kind of person while you are a 24/7 God, always knocking on the door of my life at awkward times.

Why can’t we agree on meeting at a set time, say Mass on Sunday, and then I can be free for the rest of the week? But, Lord I hear you insisting that you want to be with me always, God with an apron, sitting me down and serving me, as you do in this Eucharist and at every moment of life as you breathe your life into me.

Help me to overcome my foolish efforts to shut you out for you are the best of company and the best cure for the deep down loneliness that you have created in my poor heart. For you have made us for yourself and without you nothing is worthwhile. Fill my emptiness Lord, 24/7 not 9 to 5.