Open Space – Thursday, February 22

Our next meeting of the Open Space group will take place this coming Thursday, starting at 8:00pm in the Bistro.  The entrance is to the right of the main door into the Friary.

Our topic this week is “Lent – is this now out of fashion?

Most of us, in our growing up, saw Lent as a time when we gave up something we liked; for children, maybe not eating sweets (or not being allowed to eat sweets!!!), as adults, giving up alcohol, not putting sugar in tea, or any number of expressions of self denial!  Lent came with a sense of sacrifice, however minor, that aligned with the Gospel narrative of Jesus in the desert for forty days.  Today, many will say that ‘giving up’ is out of date and that instead, doing something positive in our communities, giving our time to those working for peace or alleviating poverty in our society is the current day Lenten approach.  Can we relate this new Lenten practice to the very origins of Lent itself and the sacrifice that seems central to it?   

Thérèse will lead our meeting and reflect on the theme before opening it up to what we hope will be a very lively discussion, as we share our different perspectives.

We look forward to seeing you there!